At Hoptrans we create an environment where every member of the team counts, is important and appreciated. We do not only recruit and educate but also retain the best employees by recognizing and respecting each other‘s differences and appreciating personal talents.

Whatever you are going to work at Hoptrans, here you‘ll be able to improve in both professional and personal areas. At Hoptrans you‘ll find plenty of opportunities to progress in a logistics career.

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Hoptrans Personal Leadership Academy

Hoptrans has an internal training system called “Hoptrans Personal Leadership Academy”. This program aims to make our employees more aware of themselves and people who surround them in the business environment for more effective personal results and sustainable business growth. Training improves employees’ self-awareness and self-confidence. During classes, employees learn how to build relationships with colleagues and partners more easily, avoid unnecessary conflicts and unnecessary waste of energy. Training are led by lecturer Kristina Belopetravičienė and invited guests.