E-Commerce logistics

EU Broker is a HOPTRANS daughter company focused on e-commerce solutions, fulfillment warehousing, and e-logistics. EU Broker successfully implements solutions that connect manufacturers and traders with final clients or end-users in Europe, Asia, USA, and CIS countries.

One of the main advantages of EU Broker is the “on-demand” warehouse solution. “On-demand” means that service is available to customers when they need it. Using a Free zone warehouse in Kaunas, EU Broker arranges an effective Store – Sell – Deliver system.

EU Broker aims to provide solutions and systems that clients could benefit from – having the opportunity to work from the strategically attractive locations in the EU situated between East and West. EU Broker team on a daily basis delivers your products, looks after the stock provides real-time supply chain visibility and takes care of custom clearance procedures.



  • Pick and Pack;
  • Courrier/postal B2C delivery;
  • Assembly and quality control;
  • Customs clearance EU and CIS;
  • Online Stock management.



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