About us



HOPTRANS – advanced logistics company located in one of the biggest transport corridors.

Hoptrans specialize in road, air, rail, sea, multimodal freight and organize entire projects for E-commerce businesses. With more than 29 years of experience, Hoptrans is well recognized as a highly innovative and customer-oriented company.

Hoptrans works with big and small businesses from a wide range of industries and takes the same approach to every client – develop customized, high-quality logistical projects in order to provide a definite competitive advantage. Hoptrans employ competencies in the logistics field and combine them with integrated innovative IT systems to offer the best possible transportation service. These, together with loyalty and commitment – are the company‘s top priorities that enable us to meet the highest standards in terms of worldwide transportation.

Hoptrans specializes in the transportation of automotive, aviation parts, electronics, machinery, medical/healthcare products, luxury furniture, apparel products, glass, ceramics, metal, and others that require timely and efficient information management and high-quality service.

Hoptrans subsidiaries are located in Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Italy, United Kingdom and Estonia.













  • Establishment of UAB HOPTRANSA

  • First foreign subsidiary in Kaliningrad

  • HOPTRANS started the 1st aviation project AVX‘ between Lithuania and Dubai.

  • Branch office established in Russia
  • Launch of customs activities

  • HOPTRANS started it‘s first sea project

  • HOPTRANS started it‘s first rail project and became the first Lithuanian player in logistics that offers service scope from air to sea, road and rail

  • HOPTRANS awarded as Lithuanian carrier of the year
  • HOPTRANS awarded by Magazine ‘AirArabia’ for aviation bridge between Dubai and Lithuania – Kaunas

  • Aviation project between Shanghai (SHA)  and Kaunas (LT)
  • HOPTRANS gained „Mercury“ award for a budget contribution to Kaunas‘ district

  • HOPTRANS awarded as railway operator of the year
  • HOPTRANS develop railway route between Kaunas (LT) and Kostanay (KZ) with a shuttle train ‘Baltic Wind‘

  • Kaunas municipality awarded to HOPTRANS group as ‘Intelligent logistics’ solution provider of the year
  • Opened new administrative office in Ramuciai
  • Creation of rail route  Šeštokai (LT) – Piadena (IT) by train  ‘Hoptrans Italy Express’. It was the first train connecting Baltic countries and Italy.

  • HOPTRANS reached 1000 boundary of employees and established 4 sales departments in Europe
  • HOPTRANS was marked in Lithuanian Business avenue for a solid contribution to the Lithuanian business
  • HOPTRANS signed the cooperation agreement with Japanese giant Fukuyama Transporting

  • During the first quarter operated more than 50 charter flights between the Far East and Europe
  • Received acknowledgement from the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania for assistance to the transport sector in carrying out the assigned tasks in the fight against COVID-19
  • Started regular road transport between China and Europe
  • Three new offices have been opened in Germany, Poland and UK


Our mission, vision and values reflect who we are as an organization and what we bring to the partnership with our customers.

Our mission –  to provide logistics solutions that bring a definite competitive advantage to our customers.

Our vision – to be  the customers’ first choice in logistics.

Our culture and services are defined by these core values:

  • UNITY. We work as a team where every person counts.
  • COOPERATION. We go into dialogue with our clients because their needs is a priority to us.
  • COMMITMENT. We take responsibility for the performance.
  • QUALITY. We strive to provide the highest quality services beyond customer expectations and competitor capabilities.


We understand that our business affects the lives of many people around us this is why we place a high priority on sustainable business practices. Social responsibility at Hoptrans means doing more than existing legal norms or implementing standards requires. We believe this is a long-term investment whose return is reflected in the satisfaction and engagement of our employees, the credibility of our partners, and our positive image in society.

Hoptrans business is implemented in accordance with the provisions of these management policies:

  • Improve and maintain the company’s integrated management system that meets the requirements of LST EN ISO 9001 standard and related legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Raise company management and technical expertise, develop self-reliance and creativity and personal responsibility for work, provide conditions and motivation to work in a democratic and open atmosphere.
  • Provide high-quality services and products that meet the needs and requirements of the customer and obligations of the company.
  • Maintain long-term relationships with suppliers and partners based on the principles of mutually beneficial cooperation, respect, and equality.
  • Apply innovative and safe and environmentally friendly technologies to support and maintain service delivery and quality, ensure the reliability of operations of manufacturing processes.
  • Optimize service delivery and manufacturing processes using rational use of natural resources and minimize negative environmental impacts.
  • Accumulate and analyze activity data to plan the company’s business, make fact-based business and management decisions.
  • Review policy, keeping it current, setting new goals and targets for continuous improvement and efficiency.
  • Communicate these provisions to employees and all other interested parties (when asked).